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UW Freshman aren’t required to live in UW Housing. Before you sign any housing contract, download our brochure and discover how some UW freshmen will make the most of their college experience…and money…

Considering everything you get from Dorm@Lucky, the cost is a lot less than you’d think. Download our brochure and see how much better dorm life can be.

Dorm@Lucky Brochure Cover

Download our PDF now and discover how you can:

– Live in a suite with a kitchen, bathroom and living room

– Get more space and privacy

– Access all of your university’s resources + our academic resources

– Enjoy university events + our social calendar

– Live, work and play right in the heart of Madison and the UW campus

– Meet ambitious and academically-focused students like you

– Turn to our caring, dedicated and street-smart RA’s for support

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