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Dorm@Regent and you’ll pay less while getting 3x more space than the average university dorm. That’s an awesome deal. This is the new way to dorm: with a kitchen, bathroom and living room in your suite — plus extras like Fitness on Demand, game rooms, study spaces and computer centers are right in your building. This is so much more than the typical university dorm!

If you don’t want to share you don’t have to — as long as our private rooms are available (there are many), they’re yours for the asking. The days of cookie cutter dorm rooms are done – Dorm@Regent is the coolest, most affordable, and newest way to dorm.

Students Studying
You'll instantly feel like you belong
in this busy student neighborhood
  • Surrounded by restaurants, coffee shops, and retail shops
  • Right next door to Camp Randall Stadium; just down the street from Engineering Hall and the new Union South
  • Competitively priced
  • Plenty of space to stretch out and relax between classes and studying
  • You're sure to get connected, meet lots of new people, and to have a great living experience

Dorm@Regent: An Active and Fun Community

Dorm@Regent provides the essential collegiate experience: academics, athletics, bike paths, and busy city streets. It's home to many smart and focused students, just like you!

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