Make a Payment

Contract Installment Payments

There are multiple ways to pay your installments:

1. Online: Starting in August, you can pay online for FREE right from your savings or checking account using the Online Resident Portal. Choose from one-time payments or automatic recurring payments. You can also make a one time payment using a credit or debit card (there is a 3% third party convenience fee for card payments).

Once you’re eligible for Portal access, we’ll send you an email with all of the details. For payments made before mid-August, please use one of the methods below or call for credit card payments.

Portal Login

2. By Mail: Mail your check, money order, or certified check (payable to SBA Management) to our main office at 120 W. Gorham St., Madison WI 53703. Please do not mail cash. If your checks do not have your rental address on them, please add it to the memo line. Remember, your check needs to arrive on or before rent day so please allow time for the mailing process!

3. In Person: Drop your check, money order, or certified check off at any of our office locations or (if available) use your community’s rent drop box. Credit cards are also accepted, however there is a 3% third party convenience fee for all credit card payments. For your security, we do not accept cash payments over $50 at any of our offices.


Installment Due Dates

The total contract price you agreed to will be paid in nine equal installments on the following dates:

  • Security deposit: June 1, 2017
  • First installment: August 1, 2017
  • Subsequent installments: September 1 2017-March 1, 2018
  • Final installment: April 1, 2018