Regent 101 Lucky 101

Dorm@Lucky and you don’t just get the freedom to live in the nicest place on campus — you get a whole new way to dorm! You’ll have a kitchen, bathroom and living room in your suite — plus groceries, coffee shops and fitness centers are right in your building. The average university dorm pales in comparison.

Shared bedrooms are easily large enough for two and a private bedroom is almost always a guaranteed option. If you don’t want to share a room you don’t have to. Plus, Dorm@ Lucky has a variety of floor plans — you won’t find the boring cell-style dorm room here. Enjoy this new way to dorm for about the same price as more traditional options.

Dorm@Lucky Residents
Meet many new people and make plenty
of new friends!
  • Gorgeous city and lake views
  • Hotel-style concierge services
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Housekeeping services, safe rentals and garage parking
  • UW-Madison's student activity centers, University Health Services, and financial offices are connected to our building. Access all of these offices, plus a grocery store and great retail stores, without going outside!
  • You'll be well taken care of at Dorm@Lucky

Dorm@Lucky: Your New Social Life is Waiting

Located right downtown, by most of your classes, and a block from State Street, Dorm@Lucky is in the middle of it all. This student center is home to a diverse group of residents that make for fun and interesting neighbors.

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