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UW freshmen aren’t required to live in UW dorms

I like that I get a dorm community, but with better living conditions.

—Scott P. from Green Bay, WI, Dorm@Lucky Resident


You don’t have to live in a typical dorm — you have a choice. You think differently than your peers. You want more from your college experience than most people. You’d like to dorm differently too, in a positive environment that offers the space to be you. Welcome to Dorm@Lucky in Madison WI — the smart choice for college freshmen (and parents) because we give you the most out of your college buck.

If you’re serious about succeeding at school and life (while having fun along the way), then shop, compare and be smart. Typical dorms are old dorms – check out the new choice.


megaphoneUW Freshmen are not required to live in UW dorms. (Translation: You don’t have to stuff your life’s belongings into a tiny room during your first year of college.) Choose to be in charge of your first year—choose to Dorm@Lucky.

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peopleMake friends and build a community away from home. Everything you need comes together right here: the campus, our dorm communities, and our social support programs.

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If you’re set on coming to Madison, and set on choosing Dorm@Lucky, don’t hesitate to fill out our RISK FREE application: if you end up not attending school in Madison your agreement can be cancelled!

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